Why Songdo

Sustainable City

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One Of The Worlds Greenest Cities

Six core design goals for Songdo International Business District reflect our commitment to sustainability for this new city spanning 1500 acres near Incheon, South Korea.

U.S. Green Builder Council

These design goals are ambitious targets.  But setting them - and meeting them - will set a new standard for green design for large-scale development projects across the globe.

Songdo IBD parcels target certification under the LEED-NC and/or LEED-CS rating system.  Third party development land sale agreements will contain language mandating that buildings erected must pursue LEED Certification. 

Songdo IBD is also part of the LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development) Pilot Program.  The LEED-ND program emphasizes neighborhood connectivity, access to transit, energy efficiency in building design, efficient infrastructure design and the provision of open space and habitat for residents of all kinds.  It builds upon the principles of New Urbanism and aims to promote the incorporation of positive planning aspects into local and municipal zoning codes focused on Smart Growth, Transit Oriented Development and Green Growth.

The KGBCS (Korean Green Building Certification System) is used on selected parcels within Songdo IBD.

The use of both Korean and international green building rating systems ensures that projects are built to a high standard of sustainabile design and construction.

Songdo IBD will encourage and foster sustainable design practices by incorporating the latest design standards and technologies that reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, utilize recycled and natural materials and generate clean or renewable electricity.