Songdo IBD is designed as a vital urban center where the widest range of activities will take place.  It is self-sufficient by design while also offering a unique, modern lifestyle that will attract both international and local inhabitants.  Residents have the option to choose from a variety of housing options - from charming garden residences to state-of-the-art high-rise apartments.

Residents of Songdo IBD will have a wide range of activities available within walking distance.  Regardless of where they may live, residents will have convenient access to schools, healthcare facilities, cultural activities, and athletic venues. They can shop in department stores and stroll through markets.  Children will be educated in local public schools or in international curriculum academies.

Songdo IBD will support the comfort and well-being of residents by incorporating environmental sustainability, conservation, and the highest level of technology into all aspects of daily life.

The city has been designed as one of the world's finest continually-evolving urban environments.

More than 22,500 new housing units will be created.  These prime residential condominiums are currently under construction and residents have already moved into the first towers.