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Fact Sheet

  • International Hospital (Block I11)
  • Providing World-Class Healthcare
  • Buildable Area: 2.6M SF/240,000 SM
  • Estimated Completion: August 2012

Parcel MapSongdo IBD will offer world class healthcare to all who need its services. Residents seeking the best healthcare possible need to look no farther than the Songdo IBD Hospital. This advanced research hospital boasts facilities and healthcare services that will be among the most capable in the world. Physicians and specialists trained at the finest international medical schools will provide professional, personalized care. The international hospital will offer state-of-the-art medicine in an environment carefully tailored to the comfort of patients and visitors. This holistic approach will facilitate faster recovery and ensure minimal discomfort. A light-filled atrium and a beautiful garden will provide a peaceful setting for patients to recuperate.