Parcel Map Songdo IBD will be a city of great culture as well as a business hub for Northeast Asia. To create community spirit, efforts are being made to promote an appreciation for the arts and culture, with attractions such as the museum, the ecotarium, and the Songdo Arts Center drawing in visitors from within the city and throughout the world.

Songdo IBD's museum will be located in the heart of the city, in Central Park, and this museum will display some of the finest works of art from Korea and from around the world. The museum will provide educational benefits to all who come and will also stimulate cultural awareness in residents, tenants and visitors alike.

Across the Central Park Canal from the museum, an ecotarium will be built. Through its principles of sustainability, Songdo IBD is making a clear commitment to preserving habitats and the unique environment of the ecotarium will educate the young and old.

The Songdo Ecotarium, designed by Chermayeff, Sollogub and Poole, will feature fresh and salt-water marine habitats and will serve as another feature of Songdo IBD's master plan that will assist in educating the community on the importance of creating eco-friendly environments for future generations.